My name is Joel and after living hell with the presence of bed bugs for a few months in 2013 I decided that I had enough and found out as much as I could about bed bugs so that I could solve the problem myself without those pesticides or relying on companies that I doubted their intentions where really to remove them from our apartment block.

I got 2 chemical treatments in 2013 that made my whole apartment filled with a thin layer of toxic pesticides all over everything (dinner plates, glasses, computer keyboard, tables, desks, drapes, couch, etc) and considering the fact that I try to eat as much organic food as I can, that drove me pretty insane to be “bathing” in pesticides 24 / 7.

So, I decided to setup this site as a way to gather my own information and share it to whoever would be interested in it. I soon discovered that I wasn’t the only one stuck with the bed bugs problem and that it was even quickly becoming epidemic here in North America.

At that point I decided to add a shop to this site to sell what I believe are the few products that work, apart from expensive treatments. I can’t tell you enough how prevention is more important than fixing it after it happens. By that I mean that you should bed-bug-proof your bedroom so that even if you have bed bugs in your home / apartment, they won’t be able to climb in your bed and ruin your sleep for months.

I also added a few pages on how to prevent bed bugs infestations and avoid them while travelling, how to find bed bugs at home, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly or, even better, ask in the comments section of the page where your question is most relevant, since I my answer to your question will best help others that way.

Thank you and good luck