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Bed Bug Proof Box Spring Encasement [TWIN size]

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Product Description

  • Knit polyester
  • Independently lab-tested to be 100-Percent Bed Bug Proof
  • Stretchable fabric box spring encasement makes installation a breeze
  • Double-hemmed binding stitch provides extra-durable seam construction and bed bug protection
  • Help ease Asthma and other Respiratory conditions by blocking mold spores, dust mites and other allergens that may come from your box spring
  • 5-Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty; Includes “Installation kit”

Why use an encasement?

  • Secure encasements may protect the value of a mattress and box springs.
  • While encasements will not prevent bed bugs from harboring on top of an encased mattress or box springs, encasements can make it easier to inspect the mattress or box, and remove bed bugs from the surface.
  • Box springs (or torn mattresses) are very vulnerable to becoming bed bug harborages, and it is difficult to inspect them or eliminate bugs which may be inside them.
  • If bed bugs are in your box springs (or torn mattress), a secure encasement should keep them inside and prevent those trapped bugs from biting you.
  • If bed bugs are not inside your box springs (or torn mattress), a secure encasement will prevent them from setting up harborage there.


Your bed is an expensive investment-why not protect it? Shield your box spring from bed bugs, dust mites and allergens. The Sleep Defense System by Hospitology Products brings Hotel and Healthcare level bedding protection to your home. Featuring extra-tough seam construction, high thread-count polyester knit fabric. Ultra-plush knit fabric is soft to the touch. Fully breathable-does not trap heat. Bed bugs are infesting homes and apartments at an alarming rate and box spring encasements are an effective defense. Help ease asthma and other respiratory symptoms be preventing mold spores, dust mites, bacteria and other allergens from reaching the sleeper. This encasement will accommodate a box spring height of 8″-11″. It is fully machine washable and dryable, or you may simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. It is fully zippered on 3 sides and features Allergy Blocker to prevent allergens from exiting through the zipper. Bug Flap and Zipper Lock ensure that your box spring encasement remains bed bug proof for the life of your box spring. Includes a 5-year limited manufacturers warranty.